Hair Fall Treatment in Anna Nagar

Hair fall, also known as hair loss or alopecia, is a common condition characterized by the shedding of hair from the scalp and sometimes other parts of the body.

Hair fall treatment refers to the various methods and approaches aimed at preventing, reducing, or reversing hair loss. These treatments may include medical interventions, lifestyle modifications.

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What is Hair Fall Treatment?

1. Consultation 2. Diagnosis 3. Lifestyle and Diet  Modifications


Common types of hair loss include male and female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia), telogen effluvium (temporary shedding due to stress), alopecia areata (autoimmune disorder causing hair loss).

Causes and Varieties of Hair Fall

The normal hair growth cycle, known as anagen, consists of three phases: anagen (the growth phase), catagen (the transitional phase), and telogen (the resting phase).

Normal Hair Growth Cycle

1. Genetics 2. Hormonal Imbalances 3. Medical Conditions

Causes of Hair Fall

1. Advanced Technology 2. Cost-Effective 3. Quality Variation 4. Post-Treatment Care

Benefits of Hair Fall Treatment in Chennai

Hair fall treatment in Anna Nagar is a promising choice for individuals seeking effective solutions for hair problems. Chennai’s expertise, advanced technology, and cost-effective options extend to Anna Nagar.

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